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The Eureka Group of Companies

Like many others, we started small but over the years as business grew, we too had to expand in terms of operation and size to cater to the ever changing market. Known by many as 'Eureka', our group consists of a variety of subsidaries that cater to specific markets, thus with specialization better service and quality control will be provided. We excel in any fields pertaining to premium and corporate gifts, golfing items and also golfing events. If you require a service or product, we are the ones to look for! As simple as contacting us, as easy as getting an answer based on your requirements. We will be there for you from the start till the end; giving you the best that we have to offer! The Eureka Group consists of :-


Eureka Idea Sdn. Bhd.

Specializing in the premium and corporate gifts industry, with fresh ideas and a vast variety, EISB has been around for years and is no stranger in it's field. Caters to many major corporate clients.

Eureka Mainfold Concepts

Eureka Manifold Concepts Sdn. Bhd.

Born with the merger of Manifolds Industry Co. Ltd (Hong Kong), Manifolds Factory Ltd (China) and EISB. Here to provide better quality and service for our clients.

Eureka Brands

Eureka Brands

Dealing in exclusive corporate gifts for those who really want to reward their customers with truly remarkable products of quality and craftsmanship

Distinctive Production

Distinctive Production Sdn. Bhd.

DP is here for those that take a liking to Golf and such. Managing 'The Pro Shop' at KGPA (Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam), Golfers can pay a visit to the outlet to either purchase golf items or to set up/join golfing events!

Eureka Bitara

Eureka Bitara

100% Bumiputra with Kementerian Kewangan License.
Porpose: To serve Goverment Dept., GLC company event and corporate gift.
Specialize in Golf, Football, Motorsports and Premier brands.

Head of Eureka Bitara - Ishak Mohd Esa

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